A sample of recent projects include:


  • Natural Gas pipeline bridge crossing, including visual inspection, surface preparation, material selection and application of 3-part protective coating – 6 days
  • Meter and Regulator Station – Inside building and outside pipeline, above and below ground. Concrete pad removal and replacement with new stands. Application of various coating systems per client specifications – 4 months
  • Generating Station – Holiday detection and corrosion control application on over 4 miles of natural gas pipeline, coating applications for newly installed heater and metering stations. 2 year plus project
  • Extreme heat coating application on coal pulverizer unit.


Mariah (1)Cathodic Protection

  • 3 miles of natural gas pipeline. CAS, CIS, DCVG of newly acquired client natural gas pipeline. Baseline cathodic protection and integrity surveys completed. Resulted in definition of HCA and ECDA integrity dig locations.
  • 5 miles of natural gas pipeline. HCA, CAS, CIS and ACVG surveys completed. Resulted in ECDA integrity digs and pipeline coating repairs.
  • 4 miles of liquid propane line. DOT audit of stream bank erosion lead and exposed pipe sections. Performed sub-centimeter GPS survey and CAS/CIS. Survey result was scheduling of ICDA of affected pipeline sections.