Business Technical Services, LLC is an infrastructure and energy service company that specializes in working with our clients to achieve their goals – maintaining America’s infrastructure and delivering safe, reliable energy. We are a growth oriented company and we take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, employees, and stakeholders. We have the ability to service all areas of the United States and our clients include:

• Regulated Gas and Utility Companies
• Municipal Utilities
• State and Local Governments
• Public Institutions

Services BTS routinely provide include:

  • Industrial and Commercial Coating

    • Atmospheric Corrosion Surveys
    • Multi-Media Blasting
    • Corrosion Prevention Coating Applications
    • Commercial Painting
    Industrial and Commercial Coating
  • Pipeline Integrity Management

    • Cathodic Protection Surveys
    • High Consequence and Change Surveys
    • Indirect and Direct Corrosion Assessment and Reporting
    • Bridge Pipeline Crossing Maintenance and Repair
    • Customer and Public Relations and Support
    Pipeline Integrity Management
  • Natural Gas Leakage Survey’s

    • Mobile Flame Ionization
    • Walking Flame Ionization
    • Public Building Inspections
    • Up Rate Surveys
    • Monitoring/Recheck Surveys
    • Odor Complaints
    • Meter Protection Survey
    Natural Gas Leakage Survey's
  • Watch and Protect

    • Damage Prevention
    • Communication and Scheduling
    • Third Party Oversight
    • Documentation
    Watch and Protect , including leak detection
  • Vegetation Management

    • Damage Prevention
    • Hazard Tree Removal
    • Right of Way Clearance and Mowing
    • Herbicide Applications
    Vegetation Management
  • Energy Efficiency Marketing Support
  • Inclusion Management